A safe, low cost, dedicated vacuum cleaner connection port that can fit anywhere accessible along the common flow line, at or near deck level before the pump

The Davbroz SafeTSuction conserves water whilst improving it’s quality with our unique energy saving design.

SafeTSuction carries the UL mark. The pinnacle for industry standard compliance worldwide.

AU patent#2007317202  US patent# US 8,262,906 B2

Energy Saving

Installing the patented SafeTSuction to your pool system not only helps to conserve water but also ensures energy savings of up to 57%


Combine the SafeTSuction with a skimmer for even bigger energy savings, convenient cleaning operation and a cleaner, safer pool environment.

Water Safety

If the Davbroz connector becomes disconnected there is no danger to swimmers as normal safe circulation resumes immediately.


Perfect for the manual cleaning of water features, ponds, catch tanks and spas. The SafeTSuction can be fitted IN or OUT of water!

Davbroz is an innovative pool product manufacturer.